josephinebloom - Rune Cards and Past Life in Pescara

josephinebloom - Rune Cards and Past Life

josephinebloom - Rune Cards, Past Life, Traveling in Pescara. I am natural born psychic, professional card reader and fortune teller, 4-th generation in my family. I read Lenormand and Tarot for over 35 years now. I speak only the truth of the cards, don`t like sugarcoating. I consider FUTURE IS FLUID and continuously moving and changing according to our own decisions and choices we make. Choosing wiser makes a better future. I offer guidance.
14 years of experience in Pescara. I like most to bring light where there is darkness and to restore hope where there is none. I believe that if a door is opening in front of you it is always for the best and you should be preparing to find the next door open by the corner I dislike people who hide under a false identity, spiders and mud. I dislike what or whom I cannot trust. I dislike talk without a meaning or purpose, nonsense. Love and light, Josephine

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